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 Most often an owner or executive committee member would like to change strata managers, but doesn't know how or where to start. Below we have outlined what is involved, however if you are interested in moving over to Ryan Strata Management we will assist and guide you through this each step of the way. 

Step by Step

  1. Your current contract:
    Do you know when your current contract expires, and what the termination clauses are? Most standard contracts require a notice period of 1-3 months. Your first step should be to ask the current managing agent for a copy of the current agreement. If you have questions regarding your agreement, feel free to give us a call. 

  2. Calling an Extraordinary General Meeting:
    In order to terminate your current manager and appoint us, you will need to call a general meeting. This can be done in one of two ways, either by an EGM request form signed by more than 25% of the owners who are financial (up to date in their levies) or by resolution of the Executive Committee.

  3. Extraordinary General Meeting:
    Ryan Strata are happy to assist you in all that is involved. A copy of the agenda will need to be sent to each of the owners, as per the strata roll. If you do not have the strata roll and you are an EC member, you have the right to request one under Regulation 38 of the Property, Stock and Business Agents Regulations 2014. You should also request a copy of the most recent financials.

  4. Providing Notice:
    Once the motions have been passed at the Extraordinary General Meeting, Ryan Strata will assist in formulating and sending out the minutes to all owners, and a copy to the current strata manager with a letter of termination.